Spectre Accelerated Parallel Simulator Speeds Development of High-Frequency Circuits for Rohde & Schwarz

IC design team leverages fast and accurate analysis to achieve first-pass silicon success

To succeed in the high-end test and measurement equipment market, Rohde & Schwarz must meet demanding circuit specifications under extremely tight deadlines. This often requires them to find and integrate ASICs from a third party.

But if such application-specific components with sufficient performance are not readily available---which is often the case---Rohde & Schwarz must quickly develop their own. To streamline the development process, the company requires fast and accurate simulation technology with advanced capabilities.

Rohde & Schwarz uses Cadence® Spectre® Accelerated Parallel Simulator (APS) to perform the complex simulations required to meet high-frequency circuit specs. Several features of Spectre APS enabled Rohde & Schwarz engineers to quickly obtain optimal results: innovative pnoise analysis, small-signal analysis mode, analog asserts, and scalable multi-core processing capability.

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