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Methodology Services 

Efficient, practical, and proven methodologies are vital to success, whether the challenge is adopting a new low-power design technique, ramping up the design team on a new software platform, beginning a new project in a geographically distributed environment, or optimizing business processes to improve efficiency. But developing an effective production design environment that uses efficient methodologies is easier said than done. Often, problems with systems developed in-house aren't identified until late in the development process, resulting in schedule slips and strained resources.

To ensure project predictability, Cadence Services provides extensive expertise in production-proven methodologies that address a variety of design needs, including: All methodologies can be adapted, customized, and optimized to specific customer needs, including integration of third-party tools and technology where appropriate. Depending on customer project requirements and existing expertise, Cadence offers a variety of flexible engagement and delivery options, including:

Methodology assessment
We audit the customer's existing environment to identify potential problem areas.

Methodology assistance
We assist customer design teams with the development and integration of new technologies and processes.

Turn-key methodology development
We tailor production-proven methodologies to customer needs and implement them without impact on design team or project schedule.

Design-first collaborations
We work alongside the customer team during development, applying the production design environment (PDE) approach to ensure initial project success without compromising the schedule.

Using our unique collaboration infrastructure, Cadence Services can leverage our pool of worldwide experts to quickly address any challenges that arise during the development and support of your production design environment.

Functional Verification Packaged Services
Cadence Functional Verification Packaged Services offer risk-free adoption and migration to the latest verification methodologies and technologies. Unlike traditional services, packaged services are completely tailored to enable rapid engagement with a standardized delivery mechanism. They offer valuable knowledge transfer capabilities, higher levels of visibility into intended results, and much more predictability. The type of services available are based on your needs and include methodology conversion, verification environment/language migration, and new technology/flow introduction.
  • OVM Startup – Take the first step in implementing an Open Verification Methodology-based environment. This service will teach you how to write a reusable OVM-based testbench and an executable verification plan to improve your verification effectiveness.
  • VIP Integration – Maximize your chip- and system-level verification productivity. This service allows you to quickly incorporate and use Incisive Universal Verification Component VIP, enabling near-instant stimulus generation, checking, and coverage of your on-chip or off-chip communications protocol.
  • Verification Excellence Program – Get an unbiased evaluation of your functional verification process. This service evaluates your methodology, offers expert recommendations, delivers meaningful metrics around the effectiveness of your verification process and environment, and compares results to industry best practices.
  • VMM Migration – Rapidly transform your legacy Verification Methodology Manual testbench to achieve the scalability and reuse found only in the Open Verification Methodology. This turnkey service uses the VMM Interoperability Library to maximize code reuse, minimize risk, and speed the migration process.